1. How do I get a birthday message displayed during an Edge game?

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or another special occasion with a message on the four corner video screens during a game. To have your special announcement shown at the next Edge home game, please submit a Special Announcement Request Form along with a $20.00 donation to the Edge Foundation.

Edge fans, please be advised that special announcement requests will only be accepted two (2) business days prior to the game you are requesting.


2. How can I sing the National Anthem at an Edge game?

The St. John’s Edge are always on the hunt for talent, so if you think you have what it takes to sing the national anthems, please submit a digital recording of you singing the Canadian anthem (a capella only) along with your contact information to gameops@sjedge.ca. If we are interested in having you come sing the anthem, we will contact you for a live audition.


 3. How can I participate in a promotion/contest during an Edge game?

All of our contestants are either pre-selected or chosen randomly throughout the game. Look for anyone from the Edge Game Crew as they are always out in the crowd looking for our next winner.


4. Where can I find 50/50 numbers from previous games?

To find previous 50/50 numbers please go to the Winning 50/50 Number page on the website. Winning numbers are posted online after each home game.


5. How do I become a member of the Edge Game Crew?

If you’re an enthusiastic individual who loves working in a live entertainment environment, send us a resume to gameops@sjedge.ca.


6. Where can I go if I have a question or concern during a game?

If you have any questions or concerns during a game you can either ask an usher for help or go to the Guest Services counter, behind section 101.


For any other questions, comments, or concerns regarding St. John’s Edge Game Entertainment please e-mail us at media.inquiries@sjedge.ca.