Catching Up With Head Coach Steve Marcus

We recently caught up with Steve Marcus to see how things are going in his neck of the woods.

Steve, how have you been?

All things considered, everything is just fine on my end. I am back in Boston, I have been here since the cancellation of our season. The weather is finally starting to get nice again after another tough winter but everything is great. Boston has removed all of the curfews we had over the last year and lifted restrictions so things are slowly, but surely getting back to normal which is a welcomed sign. 
Are there any new hobbies you've picked up during the pandemic?
Nothing super new that I can think of, I have really enjoyed cooking more, trying new recipes, we've had a few cooking contests within my family over the last few months that has been really fun. I am happy to report that I did not come in last but unfortunately have not won one yet. Maybe this summer I'll finally get it done. 
What's the first thing you're going to do the next time you're back in St. John's?

That is a fantastic question and I can not wait to get back! I might go directly from the airport to Manna Bakery and grab a sandwich from there. Either that or head downtown and walk Water Street. Nothing better than seeing the sidewalks crowded on a gorgeous day downtown. 
The NBA Playoffs are in full swing. What teams do you think will meet in finals and who will win it all?

This pains me to say this, but I do not think my Celtics have much of a chance this year. I think the Nets/Bucks will meet in the Eastern Finals, I'll go Nets in 7 to win the East. Out West, I think the Clippers and the Suns will make it to the Conference Finals, Clippers in 6. Nets over the Clippers in 6.

From a basketball perspective, what have you been using this downtime for?

Man, I really really miss the game. It has been a long year.  After we found out we would not be finishing the season, I called all the guys and chatted with them, told them what was going on and wanted to kind of leave them with a formal goodbye. The way we had to leave St. John's was so quick and abrupt that we didn't really get the chance to say goodbye or chat about the season. Basketball-wise, I went back and watched every game from the last three years in St. John's. From the very first home game vs Niagara to the last game we played vs KW, I wanted to dive into each game. See what worked, see what didn't work, see why we ran certain things at certain times. I just wanted to dive deeper into my coaching career, take a step back and really analyze myself. At times, I would catch myself scratching my head, wondering why we ran that play or had that certain defensive scheme, so it was good for me to critique myself and how I coach. 
What has been the biggest positive from this extra time back home?

Just spending time with my family and friends, I feel like I have missed a ton of events since I have been away. Birthday parties, baptisms, weddings, you name it.  Over the last year, it has been really nice to be home, be present with my family and friends and not have to miss anything. 
Although the 2020 season ended prematurely what was the number one highlight of the 2019-2020 season?

February was a really fun month for us. The long road trip where we started it off with a win over KW then we beat London after being down big early, then had the unreal Double OT win vs Sudbury. That was probably the highlight of the year. I have talked to Logan a ton this past year and just about every phone call we have he talks about how he should have fouled Junior there at the end of regulation before he made that three to send it to OT. That was an awesome road trip, with fantastic games, in front of fantastic crowds. Probably the highlight of the year for me.

'Unfinished business’ is a cliche often used in sports but how badly do you want to get back at it?

First and foremost, I want the whole province, and the entire country of Canada to continue progressing and making steps towards eliminating the virus. Once the health and safety professionals say it's okay to return and safe to play, we will be ready to rock and roll. I wake up every morning, check my phone to see if we can start up again and then get the itch to start building on what we were able to accomplish during the 2019-2020 season. I loved our team, I liked our chances moving forward. We had fantastic individuals, both on and off the court who made me proud made the organization proud and I hope made the city proud. We were just starting to play the basketball we strived out to play before it was all taken away from us. This last year, I have grown a lot, as a coach but also as a man.  When the time comes for us to get back to playing, we will be ready, I will be ready.